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Care Packages with Capital One Bank!

Eager to brighten up the day of pediatric heart patients and their families, 8 Capital One Bank volunteers spent their time away from their respective locations to prepare Care Packages at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital on September 27th. In the bags they so carefully assembled were ceramic banks, inspirational picture frames and bags of hope! Each […]

Hope 4 Hearts Days in August!

TWO HOPE 4 HEARTS DAYS IN AUGUST! On August 21st, Vincent learned how to make sushi (his favorite food) along with his brother and parents during his Hope 4 Hearts Day in New York City! He learned various culinary techniques and enjoyed Green Tea Mochi for dessert after his two hour cooking class. Thank you […]

Sleeping Well and Your Heart Health!

In an interesting article about the correlation between heart disease and sleep deprivation, researchers explore the many ways one’s heart health can be improved. Today, we invite you to spend some of your time awake and learn how you can improve your heart health and sleep for a better rest tonight! To learn more, read Tuck’s Guide on Heart […]

Meet Eliza

A pediatric heart transplant recipient At two years old, Eliza is curious and on the go! When she was 6 months old, she received her heart transplant. During an urgent trip to the ER as a newborn, doctors discovered her enlarged heart. After many tests, many decisions, and varied emotions, Eliza’s parents made the decision […]

Meet Richard

A heart transplant recipient Since receiving his heart in 2018, today Richard finds the most joy in spending time with his teenage kids. One of his favorite things to do with them is share a meal together and learn about what is going on in their lives. Richard received his heart transplant on his wife, Sandy’s […]

Meet Meliyah

A liver transplant recipient Born with thirty-two tumors on her liver, and many questions about what was going on with her, Meliyah’s mom turned to prayer to get her through. After many misdiagnoses, one of which was cancer, Meliyah was given prednisone in hopes of shrinking the tumors on her liver. When those tries failed, she […]

Meet Brian

A liver transplant recipient On June 18th, 2019, Brian received his liver transplant at NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell Hospital. By his side the entire time was his wife of twenty-six years, Ivy. Taking time away from work as a United States Postal worker, Ivy became his sole caretaker. Brian credits his recovery, in part, to the wonderful […]