IRON (wo)MAN, Jen!

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.” – Tony Stark AKA Ironman.


And that’s exactly what our Ironwoman, Jen, did! Harboring Hearts is proud to introduce our superhero for this month, Jennifer Harwood, who mastered the Ironman on Saturday, October 7th, 2017. And oh ya, she also managed to rank 18th of the 44 women in her age bracket with that same smile on her face.

Not only did she triumphantly complete the Ironman race but she dedicated this race to Harboring Hearts to help us serve heart patients and their families as they go through their own race in their heart health battles. She was able to raise $5,765 to help provide them with financial and emotional support!

Congratulations, Jen! Harboring Hearts is so thankful of people like you who constantly strive to help our heart patients and their families!

We are strong not only because of the support we have from all of our volunteers, and supporters in our Harboring Hearts community, but strong through the hearts that desire to help one another!

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“Traveling the World” with Chobani at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

On September 26th, Harboring Hearts partnered with Chobani for another fun-filled event at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital! I think it’s safe to say that all who attended enjoyed their travel adventure exploring various places from Egypt to Hawaii with the help of our fabulous volunteers from Chobani led by Cynthia Gandolfini.

4031 Harboring Hearts-Chobani-0018Our dedicated volunteers began this tour by giving each of our pediatric heart patients their exclusive passports, which they used as they explored the world with curiosity alongside Curious George. Kids started venturing from table to table, country to country, learning and engaging in different crafts and activities!

But there was no monkeying around. Or maybe just a little bit…4031 Harboring Hearts-Chobani-0184

With such a vibrant atmosphere, it was hard not to feel like a kid again. The smiles on each child’s face stretched out from ear to ear as they made their Chinese Lanterns, ate their heart healthy snacks (provided by Stop and Shop) and let loose with the help of DJ Intake!

Once again, we want to thank all our volunteers and supporters as well as Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital for helping us conduct another event that left a palpable energy among our pediatric heart patients! We hope each ounce of support may help them feel more encouraged as they go on their heart journey.

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Candlelight Yoga and Shopping with Harboring Hearts

On August 17, 2017, Harboring Hearts partnered with Outdoor Voices to put on a rejuvenating and splurge worthy yoga and shopping event.

IMG_7313The venue had such a vibrant energy with our participants along with passer-byers, who had the opportunity to purchase incredible activewear from Outdoor Voices. Twenty percent of all these proceeds went towards Harboring Hearts and the families we serve.

We kicked off the evening with some light snacking as well as a little shopping, because what pairs better with wine and cheese than shopping?

After the store closed, we began our Candlelight Yoga Session. Samantha Moriarty, from Yoga Vida, began this session by slowly easing us all into a relaxing state. We were able to pace ourselves and forget about the stress of the week as we escaped into a serene time. 

We want to thank Outdoor Voices for partnering with us for this unbelievable event and Samantha for helping to lead this session. I know I speak for those who attended that this was a great addition to our busy day! We also want to give all of our participants a big shout out for making this event a success. Proceeds from the event raised $1,200.75 to provide support for our heart patients, their families, and caregivers!

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Under the Sea with Harboring Hearts

NYP Pediatric Heart Party (singer-gill)   Crafts Under the Sea

On August 14th, 2017, Harboring Hearts celebrated our Pediatric Heart Party @ New York Presbyterian’s Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital with crafts, books, snacks and songs galore!

Our pediatric heart patients trickled in one by one and spent time with our volunteers and Gill, from Bubble Guppies decorating their treasure chests NYP Bookand making some special bookmarks for their newly acquired books. These books were hand-picked by some amazing individuals at The Book Fairies, who were generous to donate them for this event. From teens to tots to volunteers, it was a day filled with fun!

We are grateful for the support of our community partners: The Book Fairies, Peter Rabbit Organics, who donated joy through healthy, delicious snacks, and Ronald McDonald House, that sponsored an incredible musical performance. Most importantly, we want to thank the NYP Cardiac Care community and our dedicated volunteers for another event marked by success from the smiles of our heart troopers. We couldn’t have done it with you!

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Caregiver Food Delivery Initiative

On July 24th, 2017, Harboring Hearts officially launched our Caregiver Food Delivery Initiative! With the partnership of Hu Kitchen, we were able to distribute 15 meals to caregivers at The Milstein Family Heart Center at New York-Presbyterian/CUMC.

 Hu Kitchen Meals: Entrée – Grandmaster Veg; Sides—Cauliflower Puree & Mixed Market Vegetables

Hu Kitchen Meals: Entrée – Grandmaster Veg; Sides—Cauliflower Puree & Mixed Market Vegetables

This initiative was developed to help provide support to those caring for cardiac patients as they wait, undergo and recover from major heart surgery. These individuals may be spouses/significant others, parents, siblings, or caregivers of any capacity, etc., who may be living far from home or may need the comfort of a warm nutritious food to provide joy and comfort during a difficult hospital stay.

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“On your mark, get set, GO TEAM MUSMANNO!”


Steve Musmanno (center) making his way to the finish line!

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2017 New York City Triathlon on July 16, 2017! Athletes came together to conquer Manhattan but Team Musmanno participated to help raise money and awareness for a cause close to their heart.

Steve Musmanno dove (literally and figuratively) back into racing this Sunday for Harboring Hearts after retiring 6 years ago from the racing arena. He has done countless races for the American Heart Association from 2008 to 2010! He was inspired to carry this torch because of the heart journey of his wife, Robin, who was born with congenital heart disease. Through many extensive heart procedures, Robin perseveres! Having undergone numerous heart procedures, Steve and Robin both know that this battle comes with costs of time, tears and money. They also understand that many who are in this battle may not have the latter, money. Now as parents, Steve and Robin wants to share with their daughter, Ashley, their fervor of supporting other heart warriors.

Many of the families Harboring Hearts support are in need of help to keep their housing, pay their medical bills, expenses, etc. Especially undergoing expensive life saving hospital procedures increases day to day expenses that leave individuals swamped with financial hardships. Together with support from family and friends, Team Musmanno raised $3,779!

CONGRATULATIONS STEVE, ROBIN and ASHLEY! Your efforts go a long way to provide for much needed support, comfort and respite for those undergoing cardiac surgery! From Harboring Hearts, we would like to thank you for supporting us and for your drive to fight towards this cause.

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Deloitte Impact Day with Harboring Hearts

June 9, 2017 – A team of dedicated Deloitte employees ditched their computers for crafts to provide joy and hope for the pediatric heart patients at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

Together, 40 care packages were created containing spy bottles, potted plants, picture frames with individualized names and more! Kids and their family members were excited to receive their care packages. And most importantly, this event would not have been a success without the generosity from the Deloitte Team. Thank you so much to our dedicated volunteers as well as the staff and families at Montefiore for making this day possible!


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NYP Spy Party 2017

Tuesday May 9th, 2017 was a day of fun at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The Harboring Hearts team celebrated the pediatric heart patients by partnering with @nyphospital to have a Spy Party where the children were greeted by the friendly mystery solver, Blues Clues.

3896 Harboring Hearts Blues Clues-0024

Each child received a Harboring Hearts tote bag containing several gifts as well as the souvenirs they created with us. The kids made I spy bottles, binoculars, and even custom secret agent badges.

3896 Harboring Hearts Blues Clues-0020

We are so grateful to NYP’s cardiac care community,  our volunteers, and the wonderful families that came out and made the day so special!

3896 Harboring Hearts Blues Clues-0012

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Jean Velarde Hope 4 Hearts Day

Harboring Hearts closed out the month of March with a Hope 4 Hearts Day honoring Jean Velarde and his family.


Jean and his family were picked up from their house and taken to the Highline where they were met by the Harboring Hearts team for a photo shoot to remember this wonderful day. They then enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse near Madison Square Garden.


To end the day they watched the New York Nets and the Miami Heat battle it out during an NBA game at Madison Square Garden. We spoke to Jean’s wife, Jackie, and she exclaimed,”We had so much fun. My son loved it, Thank you so much.” It was so great to hear that we could plan a great day for this wonderful family.


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NYP Galaxy Party

On March 7th 2017 Harboring Hearts partnered with @nyphospital to create a fun Galaxy Party for pediatric heart patients.

3846 Harboring Hearts-0071

We had Michael Butler keeping the party going with some kid friendly tunes. Also, Buzz Lightyear from CLOWNS kept the kids entertained with his dance moves.

3846 Harboring Hearts-0002

There were games, arts & crafts, and some heart healthy snacks donated by Stop & Shop (Wheatley Plaza) for the kids to indulge in. Each child received a Harboring Hearts tote they could fill with all the crafts they created like the out of this world galaxy bottle and the straw rocket. It was a fun day for all involved.

3846 Harboring Hearts-0012

We want to thank everyone who was a part of making this day as special as it was.


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