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More Than an Office Visit: Why Patient-Doctor Relationships Matter

For many people, a patient/doctor relationship involves an annual check-up and maybe some occasional visits when cold and flu season arrives. With the carefree days of summer around the corner, a visit to the doctor may be the last thing on our minds. But when we face more significant health challenges, it can mean more regular, intensive monitoring with specialists both in and outside of the hospital. The relationship each patient and his or her caregiver form with the healthcare team […]

Work It Out

Exercise. Love it or loathe it, it’s one of the number one ways of keeping our hearts healthy.  At age 16, I suffered a massive heart attack from a blood clot, but the fact that I was co-captain of my school tennis team and in good physical shape is one of the reasons I was able to survive such a major event. While I waited 9 months for my heart transplant, doctors emphasized how much exercise would help for a […]

From My Heart to Yours: An Introduction

When you envision your senior year of high school, heart disease doesn’t exactly come to mind. It isn’t supposed to happen when you’re 16, co-captain of your tennis team, and have never spent a night in the hospital. It shouldn’t happen when you don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or have high cholesterol.  But even without the typical risk factors, heart disease knows no rules, and it happened to me when I least expected it. While out at dinner with my […]