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Deborah’s Hope for Hearts Story

In 1998, at the age of 50, Deborah was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Deborah’s condition progressed over time, leading eventually to stage 4 chronic heart failure. Thankfully, this past March, at the age of 73, Deborah received a heart transplant at NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center.    In August, Deborah and her husband and caretaker John were able to celebrate 43 years of marriage. Harboring Hearts coordinated a Hope 4 Hearts Day to celebrate them!   On the day of their […]

Back to School

Students everywhere are returning to school this month, many for the first time since the Coronavirus Pandemic, marking a gap of 17 months or more since their last in person instruction.   While this is an exciting time for students, teachers, and their families, the return to in person instruction is far riskier for some than others. Students, teachers, and members of their households with heart disease are at an increased risk for a severe COVID-19 infection.   Children, especially […]

COVID Fundraising Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained all of our resources over the past year and a half. Nonprofit organizations have felt the impact of this in many places, but perhaps none more than in fundraising.    A survey by the Nonprofit Leadership Council found that the number one challenge facing nonprofit leaders in 2020 was fundraising. This survey showed that “​​The top three concerns for generating organizational revenue are: 1) cancelled fundraising events  2) loss of funders or corporate partners and […]

Summer Fun

As we wrap up the summer be sure to take advantage of warmer weather and time with family. Staying active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for cardiovascular health, and is a great way to spend time with people you care about. From biking to walks to swimming or playing catch, whatever exercise works for you deserves to be celebrated.   According to the American Heart Association exercising for just thirty minutes or more a day […]

Disability Pride Month 

July is Disability Pride month! A celebration of visibility, advocacy and accessibility, and self love for people with disabilities that began following the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.    Heart failure can often be caused by a disabling condition and a heart transplant procedure itself can be disabling.  Having a disability can affect a person’s life in a number of ways from impacting physical mobility to employment status. A recent AHA publication showed that while 78% […]

Heart Health and the LGBT+ community. 

June is Pride Month! Pride Month seeks to celebrate the history and inclusion of LGBT+ people, as well as continue advocating for LGBT+ rights and acceptance. We at Harboring Hearts want to celebrate Pride and discuss the intersectionality between Heart Health and the LGBT+ community.   According to American Heart Association LGBT+ individuals are more likely to be at risk for heart disease than their straight or cis-gendered peers. Harboring Hearts aims to help. While we know heart disease can […]

Update on Our Annual Family Campaign!

Our Annual Family Campaign is one of our favorite events at Harboring Hearts. We know that family is an essential part of every patient’s life and healing, which is why during our Family Campaign 100% of money raised goes directly to helping patients and their families. This year, we exceeded our fundraising goal by over $1,000. Our Family Campaign raised  $26,257! Thank you to all you bought products from our Heart Art Shop. (link to our Heart Art Shop)   […]

Jeff Green, NBA Player, Meets Two Of Our Heart Patients

In May, Jeff Green, an NBA player with the Brooklyn Nets, surprised two Harboring Hearts heart patients over Zoom. In 2012, Jeff had emergency heart surgery which unexpectedly put his entire basketball career on hold. After recovering from his surgery, Jeff fought his way back to the NBA. Needless to say, Jeff has an inspiring story to share.       During each surprise meeting, Jeff shared his own heart journey story, gave words of wisdom, and left Javon and […]

A Heart Month Inspiration, Jeff Green, NY Nets’ Player

    There are times when we think we may not be able to make it through a challenging situation. Then we hear stories like that of Jeff Greens’ and we are reminded that we are not alone. This Heart Month, we partnered with New York Nets basketball player, Jeff Green who shared his inspiring heart journey with us. Read more here.