Meet Eliza


A pediatric heart transplant recipient


At two years old, Eliza is curious and on the go! When she was 6 months old, she received her heart transplant. During an urgent trip to the ER as a newborn, doctors discovered her enlarged heart. After many tests, many decisions, and varied emotions, Eliza’s parents made the decision to add her to the heart transplant list. When they received the call that a heart was available for Eliza, they also knew another family was mourning the loss of their loved one. Grateful and humbled by the generosity of the donor family, Eliza received her new heart the day before Mother’s Day on May 12, 2018. Today, she is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little brother.


Meet Richard


A heart transplant recipient

Since receiving his heart in 2018, today Richard finds the most joy in spending time with his teenage kids. One of his favorite things to do with them is share a meal together and learn about what is going on in their lives. Richard received his heart transplant on his wife, Sandy’s birthday in 2018. While his heart journey has included a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), long hospitalizations, and a new heart, he is grateful for the support from his nurses and doctors along the way. In the coming weeks, he will be returning to another love of his – work. As a care coordinator at  Bellevue Hospital, Richard absolutely loves serving those in need. We wish you all the best on your journey back to work, Richard!

Meet Meliyah


A liver transplant recipient

Born with thirty-two tumors on her liver, and many questions about what was going on with her, Meliyah’s mom turned to prayer to get her through. After many misdiagnoses, one of which was cancer, Meliyah was given prednisone in hopes of shrinking the tumors on her liver. When those tries failed, she was placed on the liver transplant list. Just after her first birthday, Meliyah received her liver transplant. After months and months of trips back and forth to the emergency room, visits with doctors and unanswered questions, over the years and with a couple of setbacks including liver rejection, Meliyah remains in good spirits! It is through the support and love of her family, that she finds her strength through her health challenges. To keep her spirits up and some normalcy as an 11 year old, she loves to sing, dance and spend time with her sisters.

Meet Brian


A liver transplant recipient

On June 18th, 2019, Brian received his liver transplant at NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell Hospital. By his side the entire time was his wife of twenty-six years, Ivy. Taking time away from work as a United States Postal worker, Ivy became his sole caretaker. Brian credits his recovery, in part, to the wonderful care of his wife, nurses and doctors. Before his liver transplant, Brian worked at Northern State Prison as a Correctional Officer. Today, he is retired from his job and recently celebrated his 60th birthday!

Update on Vincent


heart transplant recipient


Vincent received his new heart after years of waiting on February 14, 2020. His recovery, while he had a few setbacks, was fast. He is recovering and gaining more strength with each passing day. In early March, he was released from the hospital amid the outbreak of the coronavirus. He is recovering still far from home but happy to watch movies, play video games and breathe in a little fresh New York City air. His siblings continue to visit him and his mother remains by his side. We are thinking of you Vincent, stay strong and we look forward to celebrating your incredible journey with you.