“Traveling the World” with Chobani at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

On September 26th, Harboring Hearts partnered with Chobani for another fun-filled event at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital! I think it’s safe to say that all who attended enjoyed their travel adventure exploring various places from Egypt to Hawaii with the help of our fabulous volunteers from Chobani led by Cynthia Gandolfini.

4031 Harboring Hearts-Chobani-0018Our dedicated volunteers began this tour by giving each of our pediatric heart patients their exclusive passports, which they used as they explored the world with curiosity alongside Curious George. Kids started venturing from table to table, country to country, learning and engaging in different crafts and activities!

But there was no monkeying around. Or maybe just a little bit…4031 Harboring Hearts-Chobani-0184

With such a vibrant atmosphere, it was hard not to feel like a kid again. The smiles on each child’s face stretched out from ear to ear as they made their Chinese Lanterns, ate their heart healthy snacks (provided by Stop and Shop) and let loose with the help of DJ Intake!

Once again, we want to thank all our volunteers and supporters as well as Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital for helping us conduct another event that left a palpable energy among our pediatric heart patients! We hope each ounce of support may help them feel more encouraged as they go on their heart journey.

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