Community-STRONG with Harboring Hearts

On March 28th, Harboring Hearts was proud to be a part of two community events serving both our pediatric and adult heart patients.

Camp Harboring Hearts

Harboring Hearts partnered with Juice Generation to “go camping” with our pediatric heart patients at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Alvin, from Alvin and the Chipmunks, joined with us in making this a memorable day for the patients, staff, and volunteers who attended!

4158 Harboring Hearts-180328-0029More than 50 patients and their families/caregivers joined us to create camp-inspired crafts including making a tent, decorating colorful lanterns with tea lights, creating their own fishes to go fishing and making bear puppets!

There truly was a warm camping atmosphere with music, dancing, smiles, and tales to tell of this day!

4158 Harboring Hearts-180328-0023

A HUGE thank you to our social workers and staff at NYP-Morgan Stanley as well as our volunteers from Juice Generation! You all helped our heart champions to feel like a kid again despite their trying times.

4158 Harboring Hearts-180328-0054

Self-Care and Mindfulness with Dana Constantino

Our support group was a time of sharing, breathing and taking time out to relax and rejuvenate. Dana Jean Costantino from RA MA Kundalini Yoga + Experiences led our caregivers from Mount Sinai Hospital through different breathing routines and relaxation methods.

Social workers, our Harboring Hearts staff along with our caregivers engaged in being mindful and acknowledging our needs and breathing in and out positivity and encouragements. It created an atmosphere for caregivers to share their different experiences taking care of their loved ones and gave us opportunities to share why it is just as important to take care for themselves as they care for their families!


Thank you, Dana, for partnering with Harboring Hearts to provide this informative and resourceful support group! A big thank you to our social workers at Mount Sinai for joining us in this session and constantly being there for our patients and their caregivers to provide emotional support!

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