COVID Fundraising Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained all of our resources over the past year and a half. Nonprofit organizations have felt the impact of this in many places, but perhaps none more than in fundraising. 


A survey by the Nonprofit Leadership Council found that the number one challenge facing nonprofit leaders in 2020 was fundraising. This survey showed that “​​The top three concerns for generating organizational revenue are: 1) cancelled fundraising events  2) loss of funders or corporate partners and 3) challenges meeting funder requirements or grants/contracts with government agencies at risk.” According to Philanthropy News this resulted in 75% of nonprofits making cuts to their budget over the past year. 


At the same time as these major losses in revenue have hit nonprofits, community and program needs have been on the rise due to the struggles of COVID-19. Additionally, according to one John Hopkins study, nonprofits have lost 7.4% of their staff and a large pool of volunteers. These circumstances have caused many nonprofits organizations to be stretched tighter than ever. Many organizations are struggling to continue operating on their current budget.


The good news is that while nonprofits have been hurt financially, individual giving since the pandemic has been higher than ever. Donations that are less than $250 have risen by over 19.2% since February 2020, likely due to a show of generosity and solidarity in the face of the pandemic. While the nonprofit sector will continue to see setbacks from the past year these individual gifts have become essential to helping smaller nonprofits continue to keep their doors open and serve their communities. 


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