December Events with Harboring Hearts

Harboring Hearts is proud to mark the month of December with 3 Hospital Events!

#JustDoIt with Harboring Hearts

We kicked off this month’s celebrations with our Holiday Party at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) on December 6th. Harboring Hearts partnered with Nike to help local elementary school children learn the heart benefits of being active through various sports related crafts. They helped students make visors, to protect them from the sun, to making their own footballs, basketball hoops, and even learning how to check their own heartbeat once they exercise.

They came in with an open mind and curiosity to engage and learn about having a healthy heart through the many sports they heard about. By the end of the day, they left with smiles as wide as their faces.

School Kids


Football 1

But the real show stopper was having the opportunity to dance their heart out with Elmo.

New Elmo

At the end of the day, the students all made a vow to be more active and be keep a healthy heart.

We want to thank CHAM and our volunteers from Nike once again for helping to make this event a success and creating a lasting impression about heart health and exercise!

Nike + HH

Parents Support Groups for Heart Champions!

Heart surgery is a hard conversation for adults, needless to say how much harder it is for expecting parents and parents of newborns, who are preparing for such a big procedure. Harboring Hearts aims to lift this burden by providing expecting families with a support system of parents at different spectrum of this process. By fostering conversation among parents, we help provide confidence and reassurance that though this may not be easy, they are not alone.

We want to thank the amazing staff, faculty and our amazing parents at Mount Sinai and Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital who made it out and made this an inspirational and supportive time for those who attended.

We want to invite all of you to continue impacting the lives of our heart patients and their families through the activities at Harboring Hearts! If you would like to stay updated with our events, or want to donate and help support more events like this in our community, like/follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram!

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