Franco Gutierrez Hope 4 Hearts Day

We were thrilled to celebrate our latest Hope 4 Hearts Day honoring little Franco Itzep Gutierrez and his family! On October 20, 2017 we kicked off the day with a mini photo-shoot. We got to take several pictures of this handsome young man and his wonderful family that they can have as keepsakes to remember this day.


Franco and his sister went right to play when we arrived at Corona Park. They smiled big and posed for all the pictures, but were eagerly waiting to go back and play some more! They continued on the day with dinner at Park Side Restaurant, where they enjoyed more quality family time, sharing a meal and embracing each other’s company.

Shortly after dinner, they went straight to the main entertainment, an evening at circus, Circo Hermanos Vasquez!

Although the day did come to an end, the joy that we saw on the face of Franco and his family carries on. We were thrilled to have made this day possible for Franco and celebrate his heart journey!


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