H4H Aijanee & Yolanda

On Wednesday June 29th, 2016 Harboring Hearts hosted the second Hope 4 Hearts Day (H4H) for 16 year old Aijanee, and her mom Yolanda. The family was first introduced to Harboring Hearts in 2011 as Aijanee was undergoing procedures to improve her heart conditions. Since then, Aijanee’s health has significantly improved and we felt it was the perfect time to provide her with a fun personalized day.


The family was picked up at their home, and joined the Harboring Hearts team in front of the American Doll Place near Rockefeller Center. Aijanee’s day of adventure began with seeing more than 100 different dolls and themed characters in the shop. After much consideration, she picked a doll that closely resembled herself along with fun accessories to dress the doll up in!

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Following the doll shopping, the family was escorted to Times Square where they privately enjoyed lunch. Afterwards, Aijanee and her mom watched The Angry Birds movie and did some sightseeing in Times Square.


Hope 4 Hearts Day is a newly established program that aims to provide a day of personalized attention and activities for one heart patient and their family every month. We aim to provide a day of hope and inspiration to heart patients as 65% of patients experience some form of depression post surgery. If you’re an organization interested in donating tickets or services for our upcoming H4H, please email info@harboringhearts.org

For more pictures, visit Flickr. Show some love to our H4H families by commenting on our Facebook and make sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates!

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