Harboring Hearts in Action: Jamilya and Ah-Niyla’s Story

For our clients, home is where the heart is, and they will do their best to stay with their loved ones–even if that means sleeping in the waiting room. Jamilya Lowery, whose daughter, Ah-Niyla, was diagnosed with myocarditis, made the decision to stay with her daughter at the cost of a good night’s sleep. Instead of renting an expensive hotel room to save money Jamilya was prepared to sleep anywhere from Ah-Niyla’s little bed to waiting room chairs.

That’s where Harboring Hearts steps in with the resources necessary to offer families a place to stay and ease the financial and emotional burdens on heart patients and their families during critical times.

Today we would like to thank NorthJersey.com for their special feature on Harboring Hearts and Jamilya Lowery and Ah-Niyla Williams. We appreciate your continued support, and for covering this story that so poignantly illustrates our mission.

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