Heart Health and the LGBT+ community. 

June is Pride Month! Pride Month seeks to celebrate the history and inclusion of LGBT+ people, as well as continue advocating for LGBT+ rights and acceptance. We at Harboring Hearts want to celebrate Pride and discuss the intersectionality between Heart Health and the LGBT+ community.


According to American Heart Association LGBT+ individuals are more likely to be at risk for heart disease than their straight or cis-gendered peers. Harboring Hearts aims to help. While we know heart disease can affect anyone, studies have shown that LGBT+ individuals are at an elevated risk for CVD for  a number of reasons.


Harboring Hearts is dedicated to supporting the physical and emotional needs of heart patients and their families. Through the emergency fund, community support events, and other aid, Harboring Hearts is able to decrease the financial burden of patients and caregivers, as well as increase the emotional support. 


For more information on the intersection between LGBT+ people and CVD check out: 





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