Helping Patients to Adopt a Healthy Diet Can Be a Family Affair

This month we are happy to feature a post from guest blogger and nutrition expert Lisa Harper. Lisa is a freelance writer, creating content to educate and inform her readers about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. She is a mother of two and when not experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, enjoys taking walks with her family and dogs.


Happy family having roast chicken dinner at tableOne of the toughest things that many heart disease patients face is the upheaval in their diet that comes as a result of some critical thinking and honest appraisal of exactly how good their current diet is. Food is something that can unite or divide us, and when faced with making drastic changes to diet having the guidance and support of family can really have a positive effect.

Standard American Diet Causing Health Problems

A recent study by the American Heart Association found that as many as 79% of American adults are meeting 0 or just 1 of the recommended healthy diet metrics. That means that only 21% of American adults are getting 2 or more out of 5 which is a shocking statistic. This is something that needs urgent attention as our health is suffering due to it. The study also showed that 13.2% of deaths due to cardiovascular disease were attributed to poor diet, highlighting the importance of healthy eating for us all. We owe it to ourselves to make changes to our lifestyles that will improve our health condition, and diet is an important place to start.

Making Connections for a Healthy Future

Diet is something that is a central part of our daily lives and our cultural heritage and many people grow up eating certain meals which they love and cherish. This is why is makes it extremely difficult for us to alter our diets and to kick out those unhealthy foods to the curb. Let’s face it; nobody wants to sit down with a plate of salad in front of them whilst everybody else around the table has their traditional favorite family meal. The same goes for eating out or at social events such as barbecues and social gatherings, which is why discovering that you have a cardiovascular disease and that you need to change the diet you have grown up with can be such a difficult challenge to face.


One of the most positive things that you can do to support a loved one with a cardiovascular disease is for everyone in the house to alter their diets in line with ‘what the doctor orders’ so that instead of it being a difficult life change that they have to go through alone, they are going through it with everyone else. When the entire household embraces the new healthy eating diet, it can create a truly positive and supportive environment, making the experience much easier on the person with the health problems. Instead of sitting there watching everyone else eating the same old meals, they are now going to be exploring new cuisines alongside their family.

Everyone Benefits

Diet is one of the foundations of a healthy body, and when a health scare comes into a family it should act as a warning for everyone to change their habits in order to avoid similar problems. By grouping together and supporting each other with something as important as a full dietary overhaul, you are helping to ensure the long term health and vibrancy of the entire family as well as providing valuable moral support for each other. This could also help to save money in the long term as it will reduce the amount of medical bills and the costs of health coverage.