American Heart Month and Black History Month


February 1st kicks off Heart Month as well as Black History Month! Here at Harboring Hearts, we want to celebrate and honor the connection as well as spread awareness of the intersection between our work and Black History Month. 


American Heart Month was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 when he made a Presidential Proclamation in December 1963. He declared that the month February (starting in February 1964) would be American Heart Month. American Heart Month celebrates the amazing work and people who are connected with heart disease. Through the course of the month, we will raise awareness and share the incredible stories of patients who have received a transplant or undergone cardiothoracic surgery. 


Black History Month and Heart Month give us a unique opportunity, at Harboring Hearts, to help raise awareness about heart challenges faced by many in the Black community. A community most affected by heart disease is the Black community. African Americans experience a greater risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke (Source: Graham, G. Curr Cardiol Rev. 2015 Aug;11(3):238-245). The work we do at Harboring Hearts from the grants we give through our Emergency Fund to the various ways we support the financial and emotional health of our patients and families, we do so with the understanding that heart issues can impact anyone. What we know about heart disease is that Black adults are 40% more likely to have heart related issues than other groups.


Harboring Hearts-Nike SoHo Store Event 2020


Harboring Hearts is committed to providing support to heart patients and their families who need it the most. We invite you to check back in both on our blog and on our social media to learn more about the heart challenges faced by the Black community. We will share more news about our February events as we celebrate Heart Month!

For more information on the History of American Heart Disease Month and the impact of Heart Disease on the Black community in the United States visit the New York City Health website, New York State Health website, American College of Cardiology website, and the American Heart Association website. 


This month, you can support our programs and help families in 3 easy ways this month:

  1. Make a purchase at At checkout, you can donate up to $20 to Harboring Hearts and Chomps will match up to $2,000 received from February 1 – February 15th.
  2. Participate in the Junior Board’s Candy Jar Guessing Game for $5. All proceeds will help a cardiothoracic surgery and transplant patient in need. Contact Dori at to learn more!
  3. 3. You can sign up to run our virtual race in partnership with our Junior Board! The race takes place February 26-28th. Contact Dori at to learn more!
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