Meet Meliyah


A liver transplant recipient

Born with thirty-two tumors on her liver, and many questions about what was going on with her, Meliyah’s mom turned to prayer to get her through. After many misdiagnoses, one of which was cancer, Meliyah was given prednisone in hopes of shrinking the tumors on her liver. When those tries failed, she was placed on the liver transplant list. Just after her first birthday, Meliyah received her liver transplant. After months and months of trips back and forth to the emergency room, visits with doctors and unanswered questions, over the years and with a couple of setbacks including liver rejection, Meliyah remains in good spirits! It is through the support and love of her family, that she finds her strength through her health challenges. To keep her spirits up and some normalcy as an 11 year old, she loves to sing, dance and spend time with her sisters.

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