Missy Rahman
Executive Director


Missy Rahman is Harboring Hearts’ first Executive Director. After graduating from The Georgia Institute of Technology, Missy became President of AIESEC United States, a non-profit based in New York that provides a global work exchange program for college students across the country. From there, Missy became Vice President of US Programs for buildOn, a non-profit that empowered youth in underserved communities through service-learning and also built schools around the world. In 2015, Missy joined the Harboring Hearts team and has grown the organization to serve over 250 families annually. Missy’s favorite eats include afghan food, sushi, warm peach cobbler, and empanadas.





Nikkya Hargrove

Director of Programs


Nikkya Hargrove joined the Harboring Hearts team in 2018. In 2005, Nikkya graduated from Bard College where she received her B.A. and shortly after her M.S. in Counseling from Mercy College. Since graduation, Nikkya has worked in the non-profit sector for over ten years with a focus in program development. Her favorite eats include fried chicken (preferably from Spicy’s a hometown favorite), homemade popcorn, and ice cream.









Dori Jones
Director of Outreach


Dori joined Harboring Hearts in March 2020 after volunteering for the previous 10 years. She has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MSE in Biomedical Engineering from Lehigh and Purdue and spent 13 years working on heart assist devices. Dori has also served as President of the Board of Directors for a Connecticut non-profit for the past 4 years. Her favorite eats include homemade bread, Mediterranean cuisine, and matzo ball soup, though she enjoys any good meal with friends, family, and colleagues.









Aradhna Bulchand-Ashrani
Program Intern


Aradhna joined the Harboring Hearts team in March 2021. She recently graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health-Global Health and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Social Work and Public Health at Columbia University. Before graduating from the University of Washington, she interned at a non-profit that worked with youth in foster care and their families providing opportunities and support to transition into adulthood. Aradhna’s favorite eats include her mom’s Indian cooking and desserts, pasta, and ice cream.






Emily McNutt
Program Intern


Emily joined the Harboring Hearts team in June 2021. She is currently an undergraduate student at Pepperdine University, studying Psychology and Nonprofit Management. Before joining Harboring Hearts, she gained experience working as a development intern at a community services based nonprofit. Emily’s favorite foods include all forms of pasta, every version of potatoes, and ice cream.