Patient Support Group With Meditation

On Wednesday July 13th, the Harboring Hearts team joined Mount Sinai for their Patient Support Group with patients and caregivers. The support group of 25 patients and 10 caregivers were provided a safe space to share their personal stories and uplifting advice from their heart procedures. Mount Sinai social workers led the discussion and attendees created a very positive and nurturing environment in the room, making everyone to feel loved and special.

Following the 45 minute group discussion, professional yoga instructor and friend of Harboring Hearts, Jeny Miller led a meditation session to create a therapeutic ambiance in the room. She wrote a personal positive message for individuals to repeat aloud in order to maintain positivity in their everyday routine. Please see below for her meditation passage and be sure to incorporate it into your lifestyle as well.

“My breath is the source of my life.
Light guides me away from darkness and I am supported by love.
I honor my life and those whom I adore.
I am filled with compassion, empathy and openness to receive.
I take time and leisure to see beauty that surrounds me.
I have a powerful mind to heal my being.
I have strength and possibilities to make healthy choices.
I enjoy contentment and silence in the present moment.
May I live in safety free from danger.
May I live in freedom from negativity.
I am here.”

Jennifer A. Miller
FB/IG Jennifer Ann Miller Yoga

Thank you to Mount Sinai, Jeny, and all of the attendees that participated and shared their personal stories that day! LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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