What To Do When A Loved One Has A Heart Attack


Many people are not aware of the threat of heart disease to them. ACLS has provided helpful information from warning signs of a heart attack to what to do to support survivors of a heart attack. Visit the link to learn more information.


College Assistance for Patients with Health Conditions


Going to school while juggling health conditions can be challenging. The Community for Accredited Online Schools is making it easier with the following resources:

  1. Scholarships for Students with Health Conditions
  2. Health Insurance Facts for Students
  3. Managing School & Chronic Health Conditions


Where are you in your heart disease journey?


Through the incredible support of the LiveOnNY Foundation, Harboring Hearts now offers a “Gotta Have Heart” Emergency Fund for heart transplant and liver transplant patients. For more information, contact Harboring Hearts Program Director – Nikkya Hargrove at and 866.958.2536 ext: 701.

More patient  resources.