Harboring Hearts in Action: The Gambini Family One Year Later

It just wasn’t safe to stay anymore. Her son needed a heart transplant. She was recovering from breast cancer surgery. And the flood waters in her Little Ferry home kept rising.

Already besieged by incredible hardship, the Gambini family found themselves homeless, shuffling to shelters and staying with any friend willing to house them. They needed to lug highly sensitive medicine wherever they went. Their car had just washed up in the flooding, making transportation yet another nightmare.

Unexpectedly and mercifully, in the wake of Superstorm Hurricane Sandy, the Gambini family was thrown a life jacket by Harboring Hearts Housing. Thanks to the tireless efforts of HH, the Gambini family found a place to stay close to hospitals and their much-needed treatment.

Last weekend, the Gambini family and Harboring Hearts celebrated a year of recovery and a chance to raise more funds for more hearts in need through a special Oktoberfest dinner. All proceeds of the event were raised for Harboring Hearts programs which would help families just like the Gambinis, who were invited as special guests for a fun dinner with good food, music, and dance.

We would like to thank for their special feature on the Gambini family and Harboring Hearts! We appreciate your continued support and for covering this story that so poignantly illustrates our mission!

For all the details on the Gambini family’s heartwarming story and how HH helps heart patients, click the link below!

Harboring Hearts in Action: Jamilya and Ah-Niyla’s Story

For our clients, home is where the heart is, and they will do their best to stay with their loved ones–even if that means sleeping in the waiting room. Jamilya Lowery, whose daughter, Ah-Niyla, was diagnosed with myocarditis, made the decision to stay with her daughter at the cost of a good night’s sleep. Instead of renting an expensive hotel room to save money Jamilya was prepared to sleep anywhere from Ah-Niyla’s little bed to waiting room chairs.

That’s where Harboring Hearts steps in with the resources necessary to offer families a place to stay and ease the financial and emotional burdens on heart patients and their families during critical times.

Today we would like to thank for their special feature on Harboring Hearts and Jamilya Lowery and Ah-Niyla Williams. We appreciate your continued support, and for covering this story that so poignantly illustrates our mission.

For all the details on Jamilya and Ah-Niyla’s story click the link below!