The COVID- 19 Vaccine and its effectiveness for Heart Patients and their families.

The COVID 19 vaccine is available to New Yorkers ages 16 and over. This brings about the question for many heart patients and their families as to whether it is safe for them to get the vaccine. It also brings about the question as to whether the vaccine will keep heart patients safe from the COVID- 19 virus. Here at Harboring Hearts, we wanted to give information on the COVID 19 vaccine and the effect it will have.

Addressing the first concern as to the safety of the vaccine for heart patients and their families, the answer is yes the vaccine is safe for heart patients and their families and should be administered to protect them all. According to this VCU Health article “Not only are the vaccines safe for people with a history of heart disease, but they are also essential. People with heart disease are at increased risk of severe complications from COVID-19.” It is so important to protect you and your loved ones, especially if they are more at risk and have heart disease since it could truly save them from have a severe and possibly deadly case of COVID-19.

To that end, the head doctors with the American Heart Association have strongly advised and recommended for patients and their families to get the COVID- 19 vaccines. In the article, it says that “people with cardiovascular risk factors, heart disease, and heart attack and stroke survivors should get vaccinated as soon as possible because they are at much greater risk from the virus than they are from the vaccine.”

Now in regards to the second concern in terms of the effectiveness of the vaccines, according to the CDC’s article on the COVID- 19 vaccines effectiveness “Large-scale clinical trials found that COVID-19 vaccination prevented most people from getting COVID-19.” The research and evidence from these trials show the large-scale effectiveness the vaccines have had in preventing individuals from getting COVID- 19, and even the small percentage that has gotten it has had significantly fewer symptoms.

The extensive research and expert advice on the COVID- 19 vaccine, indicates that it can be a great tool in protecting you and your family against the COVID- 19. We here at Harboring hope you and your family stay safe.

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