VAD/Transplant Support Group at North Shore University Hospital

On April 9th at North Shore University Hospital, 35 patients and caregivers attended a LVAD and Heart Transplant Support Group. The evening began with warm introductions from around the packed room which included cardiologists, attending cardiac-physicians, cardiac surgeons, heart transplant and LVAD coordinators, pharmacists, social workers, and nutritionists alike. Patients and caregivers shared their hopes and fears and connected with each other while enjoying heart healthy food and small gifts from Harboring Hearts.


Northwell Support Group

Thank you to Russ Tisman for sharing his transplant journey with the group. Thank you  to Yajaira Garay from Capital One Bank who helped make 30 Care Packages which included an Inspirational frame and Magnets of Hope. Lastly, a huge Thank you to the entire North Shore University Hospital cardiac team who brought together such an inspiring group of heart patients, caregivers and supporters!