Sports Event with Nike SoHo at NYP

Athletes from the Nike SoHo Store spent November 28th with the pediatric patients at NewYork Presbyterian-Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. With sports the theme of the party; volunteers, patients, and caregivers alike danced with Elmo and grooved to the sounds of DJ Intake! We engaged forty-seven patients and their caregivers in five activities throughout the afternoon. […]

Harboring Hearts 2018 Annual Benefit

Check out these articles from Medium and InvitedNYC to take a look inside our 2018 Annual Benefit!    

Woman Around Town – My Career Choice: Michelle Javian – Harboring Hearts

Check out this link of Harboring Hearts co-founder, Michelle Javian, talking about how this wonderful organization got started and more! Follow us on social media (@harboringhearts) for more inspiring stories!  

Care Packages with Capital One Bank!

Eager to brighten up the day of pediatric heart patients and their families, 8 Capital One Bank volunteers spent their time away from their respective locations to prepare Care Packages at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital on September 27th. In the bags they so carefully assembled were ceramic banks, inspirational picture frames and bags of hope! Each […]

Champions For Charity

This year we are participating in the holiday shopping event, Champions For Charity! Follow the link to their website for details.  

September is Children’s Cardiomyopathy Awareness Month!

  All too often, we read a headline of a star athlete who suddenly collapses on the night of the big game, or a baby who dies in her sleep. Chances are, a little known heart disease is the cause. Harboring Hearts is partnering with the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF) for Children’s Cardiomyopathy Awareness Month […]

Hope 4 Hearts Days in August!

TWO HOPE 4 HEARTS DAYS IN AUGUST! On August 21st, Vincent learned how to make sushi (his favorite food) along with his brother and parents during his Hope 4 Hearts Day in New York City! He learned various culinary techniques and enjoyed Green Tea Mochi for dessert after his two hour cooking class. Thank you […]

Harboring Hearts 2018 Annual Benefit

Save the date for our Annual Benefit on November 7th, 2018! Click HERE to get more information and to purchase your ticket.    

Sleeping Well and Your Heart Health!

In an interesting article about the correlation between heart disease and sleep deprivation, researchers explore the many ways one’s heart health can be improved. Today, we invite you to spend some of your time awake and learn how you can improve your heart health and sleep for a better rest tonight! To learn more, read Tuck’s Guide on Heart […]

Meet Eliza

A pediatric heart transplant recipient At two years old, Eliza is curious and on the go! When she was 6 months old, she received her heart transplant. During an urgent trip to the ER as a newborn, doctors discovered her enlarged heart. After many tests, many decisions, and varied emotions, Eliza’s parents made the decision […]